Badge Title Description
Bragging Rights Tweet Your Victory
The Grind Play 5 consecutive matches without changing rank
Laying Out the Welcome Mat Play someone not on the ladder
Long Jump Advances more than 3 spots in rank from a single match
Picture Perfect Upload an avatar in your user profile
Little Ben! Played more than 50 matches
Working Hard or Hardly Working? Log more than 5 matches in a single day
Number Juan Dos no es un ganador y tres nadie recuerda
Overly Attached Last 6 matches were with the same person
Where'd You Go? Gone inactive after 30 days of not playing
Head Hunter Accumulate 10 or more totems for your totem pole
I Heart You Last 3 logged matches were with the same person
Morning Madness Log a match before 9am PST
Twilight Saga Log a match after 6pm PST
Same Sh*t, Different Day Stay the same rank 7 matches in a row
You're on a Streak! Win 5 matches in a row
Hulk Smash Overall win record vs. someone spreads 10 or more
Beginner Welcome to the wonderful game of pong
When Life Gives You Lemons... Lose 5 matches in a row
Big Ben! Played more than 100 matches